1.5 Inch Cubes

Larger than a Kold Draft, smaller than a large format, these are perfect for stacking two to a rocks glass, in shaken or mixed cocktails where a single cube isn’t appropriate.

Minimum Qty 20 Price $0.45 each

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Small Cube Cocktail Ice
Large Cube Cocktail Ice

2 Inch Cubes

Standard size large format cube. The side edges will all but disappear completely, making this a striking choice for straight spirits or boozy, stirred, and clear cocktails.

Minimum Qty 20 Price $0.55 each

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Hand Chipped 2.5 Inch Sphere

A completely classic ice shape. The micro-fissures and tiny air pockets in the surface of the ice not only catch light beautifully, enhancing the look of any cocktail, they also allow for maximum cooling in the glass.

Minimum Qty 20 Price $2.50 each

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Carved Ice Sphere
Cocktail Ice Sphere

Pressed 2.5 Inch Orb

A new modern classic, these magnifying orbs are a fantastic way to show off subtleties in color of straight spirits, or bubble formation in carbonated cocktails. This shape is often referred to as ‘luxury’ ice.

Minimum Qty 10 Price $3.00 each

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5 Inch Collins

Another modern classic, these pieces will be invisible in clear drinks. We recommend carbonation, as the bubble formation on the ice is often the only visible sign it is even in the glass!

Minimum Qty 20 Price $0.60 each

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Collins Cocktail Ice
Collins Cocktail Ice

6 Inch Collins

A slightly longer version of our ‘Collins’ cube, these beautiful pieces completely disappear in larger glasses.

Minimum Qty 20 Price $0.65 each

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2.5-3 Inch Organic Chunk

A beautiful workhorse, no two chunks are alike. This a great, cost-effective way to have beautiful ice and efficient drink cooling for large events.

Minimum Qty 20 Price $1.00 each

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Chunck Cocktail Ice


3 Inch Cubes

Got the carving itch? Perhaps you have an ice press! This size is perfect for beginner sphere carving, and designed to fit without shifting in a press.

Minimum Qty 20 Price $1.50 each

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4 Inch Cubes

Gorgeous in punch bowls, this large cube will keep punch cold for hours and hours.

Minimum Qty 5 Price $4.00 each

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6 Inch Cubes

Designed for larger punch vessels, or for advanced ice carving, this huge piece ice can be used in a variety of different ways.

Minimum QtyPrice $14.00 each

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6 Inch Ice Cube