Ice is easily one of the most important elements of a perfect drink. The chilling properties of ice are second only to the aesthetic of a crystal-clear piece. Quality ice lays down a foundation for a quality cocktail, and at Viking Craft Ice, we use the most advanced and forward-thinking technology to ensure our work complements and elevates each and every drink created with it.


Filtered, dense, slow-melting and simply beautiful ice cubes take a good cocktail to a great one, and showcase single spirits in a way that’s simply not possible over common freezer ice. For everyone who has had what would have been a complex and amazing drink taste like stale freezer burn, Viking Craft Ice is for you.


We provide crystal-clear, hand-cut, cubes and spheres of ice to restaurants, for special events, and to individuals striving for the best in their home experience. Large or small, each order is packed by hand, and available for either pick-up or delivery.


Viking Craft Ice is part of The Hospitable Viking Group and headed up by our Ice Chef, Hope Clarke. Hope has worked all over the United States in a variety of restaurant positions from bartender to wine steward and most recently as the Ice Chef at The Aviary in Chicago, one of the nation’s top cocktail bars. Hope wanted to take her ice skills and offer them to a broader audience and Viking Craft Ice was born. Hope currently oversees all production at VCI and can be found showing off her skills at events all over Houston as well as at Hospitable Viking’s Boulevardier Lounge.